Summers County Divorce & Personal Injury Lawyer

Hinton, in beautiful Summers County, is one of the many places from which concerned family members call when they need legal advice on elder law matters. The attorneys at Kirby & Ashley consult on each individual matter to give it the personal attention it needs. We may advise a couple in Elton about whether their elderly parent in a nursing home may be the victim of ineffective nursing home care and how best to advocate for them.

The civil codes of West Virginia define the roles of conservators and guardians, so people in Forest Hill will call to have these explained if they have an elder adult who may need assistance with managing important financial decisions. A resident of Hix may call Kirby & Ashley if they feel someone may be trying to take advantage of by an unscrupulous lender or other company. We may have a potential client in Indian Mills who needs a medical Power of Attorney drafted for when they may be incapacitated.

There are many reasons why clients in Summers County call upon Kirby & Ashley for elder law. Give us a call today to review your personal situation.

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