Adoption, Grandparents’ Rights, & Guardianship in Beckley, WV

Kirby & Ashley knows that every family member is important—and that families can be comprised of a number of different relationships. As your family grows and changes, you can count on Kirby & Ashley to help keep your family records up-to-date.

An adoption can happen at any age and for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a young couple just starting a family, or taking on the role of parent to a grandchild or other family member through adoption, our office can assist with the legal paperwork and other issues you may need to address.

Grandparents, in the current social environment, can play a large and stable role in the lives of the young people in their family. Grandparents can, in many ways, step in as either parents or guardians, or seek to have their visitation rights asserted when there has been a divorce. Kirby & Ashley can help fight for grandparent rights at any time.

If adoption is not a viable path for your family, there may be conditions or circumstances where guardianship may play a role—in the life of a young person, or in the life of an adult who may have special needs or require a certain amount of care and oversight in their life. When you would like to firmly establish guardianship of a loved one, give our attorneys a call.